Expand Your Clinic with BetterFly

  • Betterfly helps clinicians enlarge their business while having optimal control on treatment session parameters at the clinic and at the patient’s home.

  • Betterfly is a user friendly system. With Betterfly there is no need to purchase games or movie CDs.

  • Clinicians can control their patients’ sessions from afar, through their own computer.

  • Neurofeedback training is done without communication accessories such as USBs, as all the system’s components operate on the same network.

  • Betterfly allows clinic managers to generate business reports on the clinic’s business activity

  • Betterfly gives clinicians access to patients’ personal and clinical information. Clinical reports on patients’ session results can be generated through the Betterfly system.

For all of the above reasons,

BetterFly is an important and economical addition to your existing neurofeedback tools.