BetterFly Neurofeedback:

The optimal clinic and remote training technology  

  • The BetterFly cloud-based technology is designed to provide the optimal remote training at home, with a host of tools that assist the clinician in monitoring and controlling their clients’ home and clinic sessions.

  • BetterFly is a user friendly system. With BetterFly clients can watch anything they want during session, including YouTube videos, Netflix, TV channels, sports games, the news, etc.

  • The BetterFly team members are experienced clinicians who give ongoing support (both technical and clinical) to our users.

  • Neurofeedback training is done without communication accessories such as USBs, as all the system’s components operate on the same network.

  • BetterFly allows clinic managers to generate business reports on the clinic’s business activity

  • BetterFly gives clinicians access to patients’ personal and clinical information. Clinical reports on patients’ session results can be generated through the BetterFly system.

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