What do clinicians say about us?

“As a manager of a big clinic, the BetterFly system helps me a lot in having maximum control over the different sessions going on simultaneously at the clinic and also over sessions of patients who train at their home. Today, when I have such good remote control over the session parameters, I allow more and more patients to train at their home, and their satisfaction level with the treatment is great.”
Mayrav Shaked Tolidano, MSW
“BetterFly has it all: control, flexibility, meaningful reports, and Cloud based operation and storage. But most important for the first time users: low costs, easy to program protocols and great support team.”
Dr. Ron Swatzyna, PhD, LCSW, BCB, BCN
“What impresses me about the BetterFly Neurofeedback system is that it is a highly effective therapeutic tool, which enables me, as a clinician, to receive reliable, precise information on my patients’ sessions in real time”.
Motti Amiram, M.A

What do patients and parents say about us?

“My university exam grades were low. I couldn’t pass the exams. After a few months of BetterFly training, I can now study more easily and my grades are much better. I stopped taking Ritalin!”
I.A., a 24 year old university student with ADD and Learning Disabilities
“My boy is already a few weeks without Ritalin. His teacher doesn’t feel the difference. He is very well organized in the mornings (whereas in the past he had difficulty getting organized for school). I don’t want anything else – just that he should stay like this.”
T. S., mother of an 8 year old boy with ADD
“Just a couple of months ago my child’s condition seemed hopeless. It couldn’t have been worse at school. But now, after a few weeks of BetterFly sessions, he gets positive feedback from his teachers constantly, he is happier and more socially involved.”
J. M., mother of a 6 year old boy with ADHD
“I look at my child and I can’t believe it is the same child I know. I have never thought that was possible – that my boy should sit by himself to do his homework, without getting up from his chair and moving around! My older boy also had a dramatic improvement.”
O.S., mother of two school boys with ADHD
“We started sessions with a lot of skepticism. But after just 19 BetterFly sessions there is a very dramatic improvement.”
N. Y., mother of a 10 year old boy with ADHD
“BetterFly is an amazing technology. This is exactly the kind of service that should be brought into today’s reality, taking into consideration the changing needs of the end users.”
O. N., a 20 year old patient with anxiety and ADD