BetterFly home-based neurofeedback technology for remote home training:

BetterFly home-based technology is designed for supervised home training by professional neurofeedback practitioners. The technology is cloud-based and is user friendly and easy to use both by the supervising clinician and their clients who train at home.

During remote home sessions, neurofeedback trainees can watch anything they like on their computer, be it through the internet (i.e., online movies and videos, YouTube, Netflix, etc.) or movies from DVDs and files stored on their computer’s hard disc. Clients can watch sports games (basketball, football, tennis, etc.), music videos, reality shows (such as America’s got talent), and even the news. With BetterFly home-based technology, there is no need to keep a large DVD library at home or at the clinic.

Clinicians can easily create the protocols they want online and assign them to their home-clients through our website. They can later edit some features of the protocols or change protocols to their clients with just a mouse-click on our cloud-based platform, and the changes will apply to their client’s next training sessions.

At the end of each session, clinicians are privy to different reports and monitoring tools that will be available for them on the website. Through these reports, clinicians can see their clients’ EEG data, performance levels, dates and times of training, training frequency and much more.

Clinicians can also create and assign online clinical follow-up questionnaires to their clients, and the clients answer these questionnaires online at their own homes. Results will be available online to the clinicians as soon as clients finish answering the questionnaires. Based on the reports, monitoring tools and the questionnaires, clinicians can perform follow-up and make clinical decisions about changing training protocols, etc. The information is stored on the cloud permanently and is always available to clinicians for further review.

BetterFly operates on a per-session basis. Sessions are purchased in bundles (50 or 100 sessions) and are then allocated by clinicians to their clients any way the clinicians see fit (each client can get a different number of sessions, and allocation of additional sessions is possible any time, as well as removal of sessions from a client who no longer uses them). Clinicians are free to price their sessions anyway they see fit, according to their local market values and norms.

The BetterFly home-based technology works with the Genius amplifier and the U-WIZ amplifier. The amplifiers are light-weight, reliable and are perfectly suited for home-based training.

With BetterFly, clinicians have utmost control over their clients’ training. Each client has their own username and password, and they are allocated a number of sessions according to the clinician’s judgement. This way unsupervised use of the technology becomes technically impossible.

We have written a home-user manual that clinicians can send to their clients by e-mail or as a hard-copy. This manual can be personalized with the clinician’s name, logo, personal message, contact details, and more. We are happy to do this service for you.

Clinicians who work with BetterFly enjoy our continuous technical, clinical and professional support. Our customer service is unparalleled and clinicians from all over the world happily attest to that. You are welcome to join our growing international family.

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