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About Us

Welcome to BetterFly

BetterFly is the product of many years of active work experience in managing Neurofeedback clinics. It is designed to respond to the different needs we, as clinicians, have identified while working with existing Neurofeedback systems, like the need to work with home patients while having maximum control over their treatment parameters from afar; the need to have an unlimited source of media to play to patients during Neurofeedback sessions; the need to have comprehensive business reports on each of our clinics; the need to have comprehensive treatment reports for each of our patients; the need to be able to operate the system easily, even without having good technical skills; and the need to work with the system without having to program anything.

BetterFly is a unique, state-of-the-art system designed to provide patients with accurate and comfortable Neurofeedback training technology, that enables them to enjoy any kind of computer activity while training their brainwave patterns to health (yes, they can even watch videos on YouTube or interact with friends on Facebook during sessions!)

It is designed to give clinicians a reliable means of working with patients who do training sessions at home, while having maximum control over their treatment parameters. It enables clinicians to monitor and control their clinic sessions from their own (clinician’s) computer (whether from the same room or from another room) without interrupting the patients during session; it provides clinic managers with the ability to manage the clinic information (including patient treatment parameters and clinic business information) comfortably, in a concise, user-friendly software and website; and it allows organization managers (organization is defined as a parent company with different clinic branches) the ability to track the activity of the different clinics under their supervision on both the therapeutic and business levels.

Perfect solution for clinics

Our software is designed to give clinicians the best means of viewing and controlling their clinic patients’ treatment sessions from their own clinician’s computer

BetterFly works with the following EEG encoders (devices):

  • Genius 2ch professional
  • BrainMaster 2EB+
  • U-WIZ (Pocket Neurobics)
  • PendantEEG (Pocket Neurobics)

And we are currently working to connect the software to additional encoders.

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