EEG/QEEG Interpretation and Reports:

Reading patient EEG/QEEG is a complex task that requires expertise and years of professional experience. Rather than one way to interpret all data, EEG and QEEG interpratation is highly case-specific and requires looking at additional factors specific to each patient in order to do an accurate reading and decide on the optimal protocol for each patient.

BetterFly offers EEG/QEEG interpratation services to clinicians worldwide. We analyze and interpret hundreds of EEG recordings each year and write QEEG reports for each of these patients. Years of experience interpreting EEG and QEEG have given us an immense body of knowledge and insight concerning the different EEG and QEEG patterns seen in patients in all conditions. Insomnia, drug use, alcohol intake,  traumatic brain injury, concussions, medicines, all these are factors that affect patient EEG in discernible ways and have to be taken into consideration when interpreting their QEEG. ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, autism, migraines: these disorders and more can be revealed through a QEEG analysis of patient EEG and, when considering additional factors specific to each patient, lead to the best course of action in terms of treatment protocol and other recommended courses of action.

Price per single QEEG analysis is $175.

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