Incredible Features
Created by clinicians for clinicians

Betterfly enables clinic and organization managers to easily issue clinical reports and general management reports. With Betterfly clinicians can now generate a graph that displays the average amplitudes of the patient within one session or between any number of sessions

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With Betterfly there is no needs in games, movies or any special software. Patients can do anything they want on the computer and/or the internet while training. Betterfly allows patients to use the computer and the internet freely while training. The whole cyberspace is open to patients during sessions.
Betterfly helps clinicians have optimal control on treatment session parameters at the clinic and at the patient’s home.
Clinic managers can now enlarge their clinic’s volume of work by treating patients who live far away at their own homes, while having maximum control over their sessions and receiving comprehensive data of all the important session parameters of their patients.
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“With Betterfly, home patients benefit from the fact that their session results are automatically available online to their clinicians for review and protocol adjustment.”