The Absolute Basics – Cairns, Australia(26-27.08.2019)

/The Absolute Basics – Cairns, Australia(26-27.08.2019)
The Absolute Basics – Cairns, Australia(26-27.08.2019)2019-08-14T12:35:28+00:00

The Absolute Basics: Beginners EEG Recording and QEEG Analysis

(ANSA Post-Conference Workshop with Dr. Rivi Sela & Michelle Aniftos)

This 2-day workshop will align with the International QEEG Certification Board to demonstrate step-by-step how to record and analyse EEG (electroencephalographic representations of brain activity) including:

➢ EEG artifact detection and QEEG Practical Analysis for Neurofeedback Application

  • Editing raw EEG and artifacts ▪ Physiologic ▪ Extra-physiologic ▪ Movements in the environment
  • Database Analysis ▪ subject inclusion and exclusion criteria ▪ statistical considerations within databases o Clinical and Cognitive Aspects of the EEG ▪ developmental changes ▪ origins of the EEG ▪
  • EEG phenotypes and EEG signatures which should be referred to specialists ▪ cognitive and clinical presentations before and following neurofeedback
  • Montages and Spectral & Topographic Aspects of the EEG ▪ definitions and applications ▪ origin of EEG & frequency bands ▪ displaying results and terminology in QEEG

➢ Clinical Neurophysiology & Neuroanatomy


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