Advanced EEG – Brisbane, Australia(20.08.2019)

/Advanced EEG – Brisbane, Australia(20.08.2019)
Advanced EEG – Brisbane, Australia(20.08.2019)2019-08-14T12:12:58+00:00

Advanced EEG Analysis & Neurofeedback Protocol Design

(ANSA post-conference workshop by Dr. Rivi Sela)


EEG and Quantitative EEG (qEEG) are valuable tools for supporting the diagnosis and targeted, effective therapy of a host of different neuropsychological disorders. This one-day hands-on workshop goes over EEG biomarkers to classify brain disorders and to reach more personalized treatment protocols.

The workshop demonstrates step by step how to analyze Raw EEGs, using sample recordings of patients suffering from ADHD, ASD and Epilepsy.


The workshop has four parts:

Part 1: Neuromarkers characterizing the different types of ADHD and typical neuromarkers prevalent in ASD.

Part 2: Hands on analysis of qEEG. We will look at the raw EEG and then analyze the qEEG using Spectra charts, diagrams, maps, spike detection and spike averaging. We will also use visualization methods, such as Dipole Approximations and Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography (LORETA).

Part 3: Deciding on a treatment protocol based on the Raw EEG and qEEG analyses and following treatment outcomes using qEEG.

Part 4: Open discussion and analysis of EEG recordings brought by the attendees.

Format and Agenda:

The workshop is a hands-on learning opportunity. The demonstration uses WinEEG for analysis and the HBI database for age-norm comparisons. Attendees who would like to practice qEEG analyses in class should bring their laptop computer with their HBI comparison key.

Attendees are welcome to bring EEG recordings of their own clients to be analyzed in class.